Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tired and Lost

This is how I feel right now. It's 1:38 in the morning and I had just gotten back from my rehearsal with INTRoVOYS, my band of 28 years. The house is quiet and dark.  Except for the quaint lamp that adorns my living room, my apartment is a man's house.

At times like these, it's hard not to get sentimental about everything that has gone wrong in my life. Or better yet, everything that has led me up to this point. And honestly, as much as I would like to admit I knew what I was doing, whether it was right or wrong, right now I am lost! I don't know where the heck I am and where is it I'm headed for. It's like someone placed a blindfold on me and spun me around and ordered me to walk "north". Where the heck is NORTH?

Rehearsal with INTRoVOYS was alright. Thank God it's never boring! We always bring something new to the table and tonight was no exception. Jonathan Buencamino, our vocalist, came in with a brand new song that he doodled. He graciously allowed us to add our spin to it and I think it turned out pretty well.

Then we went ahead and rehearsed more songs in preparation of our upcoming US concert tour with other great Filipino musicians. And so we played a whole bunch of songs and now, I'm tired.

So here I am in front of my laptop, tired and lost. Go figure!

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