Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 Things To Consider Before Going On a Second Date!

It's close to Valentine's day and you're getting anxious.  Guys have invited you to go out with them but you don't know whom to pick.

But for some of you, you're still waiting for that guy to ask you out.

Whether it's an act of desperation or excitement, here are a few things to consider before you say "yes" to a guy on a second date.

1. Are You Still Interested? - This is probably the most important question you should ask yourself when considering the idea of going out with a guy on the second date.  I mean, if your first date was a "poof", why even bother to go for seconds, right?

If you decide to say YES, please don't expect too much.

2. Do You Have Anything to Do? - Because chances are, you're probably just bored!  Or maybe, you really don't have plans for the night which is why you probably even entertained the idea of going out with someone you're not really fond of.

Be honest with yourself about this.  The last thing you want is to go out with a guy your really don't like and end up listening to the sounds of crickets!

3.  Was He Even Fun to Be With? - Because if he wasn't fun at all the first time around, what makes you think the second date would be better?  Do not fool yourself!  Recall if the first date got you looking at your watch, your phone or all around because your date wasn't that engaging.

Dates are supposed to be FUN!  If he wasn't fun the first time around, he won't be fun the second time around.  Move on!

4.  Chivalry Is NOT Dead - Unless the dude you went out on a date with treated you like shit!  If he did, why even bother going out for date #2?  You'd be nuts to even consider it.  See, if the guy didn't even open doors for you or at least covered the tab for you... DON'T give him another opportunity!

5.  Does He Like You? - Was he interested in you?  Why would he want to go out with you and why would you even bother accepting his invite if he wasn't even interested in you.  Some guys just like talking about themselves and may have found you to be a "good listener".  And now he wants to invite you out because he felt good about you nodding your head in agreement to him the first time around.  Don't give this dufus another chance!

6.  Did He Even Value the First Date? - If the guy simply "winged" the first date and made no effort to make the first date impressive, to say the least... why even bother to go for seconds.  Drop it and move on.  It's not gonna be worth it!

7.  Are You Comfortable With the Plans?  - Is he gonna take you to a deserted place?  Are you gonna make out or smoke pot?  Are you down with his plans?

Girl, you have to know what you're gonna get yourself into.  It's the second date and you guys aren't really exclusive yet so there shouldn't be any surprises at this point.  It's all about "getting to know" each other and part of this is knowing what the plan for the evening is.

The bottom line is you shouldn't have to say "yes" to second dates like you owe every guy something and that we, as men, are entitled to it.

We have to make a good impression on the first date so that you, or every girl that went out on a first date, would want to give us a shot at another date without any hesitation.

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